So this is christmas


I wrote a bit of a diatribe about about christmas.
Then i got all self conscious about it.
So I go to the Oblique Strategies for a bit of a guide on what to do.
The card I pulled said “remove the important parts”.


  1. Permapoesis 4 Jan ’10 Reply

    worked well!! bon bon, skyward thumbs santa!

  2. Big Boy Named Bill 18 Jan ’10 Reply

    What are Oblique Strategies and where do I get them? They sound good.

  3. Ebden-Small 22 Feb ’10 Reply

    Hey Big Boy Named Bill. sorry about the tardy response.
    The oblique strategies are a set of cards developed by brian eno and painter peter schmidt.
    they are essentially cards used to prompt a way forward from a creative dilemma.
    here is the link to the web-site:
    I have them on my mac as a widget and use them sometimes when i feel i need to. looks like there is an iPhone app now. so i guess that makes them officially overground then.

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